AIMP3 – Custom Media Player and functionality

So as a few may know, I use propriety applications instead of the standard applications that come with my laptop due to the standard applications lacking major amounts of functionality.

When I was in High School, I was introduced to a media player – AIMP2.  was quite in its late stages at that time – being 2010 they were ready to start beta for AIMP3.  I got accustomed to AIMP2 before hearing that the AIMP development team were stopping development.

November 2010 came around, and I downloaded the first version of AIMP3.  When it opened up, it looked something like this:

AIMP - Pandemic Theme

AIMP3 with its default theme – Pandemic.

Nice, I thought, as I started to listen to internet radio stations like Aardschok, Radio Hyrule, and eventually, Rainwave (I mainly am in Chiptune section if I’m logged in)

Recently, I’ve been going through its themes section, and stumbled across a Winamp-Themed skin.  Being an avid fan of Winamp (which sadly got bought out, but it’s still downloadable from the WinAmp forums), I downloaded the skin, which can be found here.  Here’s how it looks:


AIMP3 with the AIMP Modern theme installed – looking clean and nice

Very nicely done, and really well managed with the system.  it even has what Pandemic Theme has – a docked toolbar. but taking it one step further – by putting it as a double-docked toolbar, you’re able to adjust practically everything inside AIMP3 from the docked-toolbar mode.

If you’d like, you can download AIMP3 here (from the official site).  It even has the Beta program, which has a possibility of being unstable and in my previous experience – has memory leaks.  I’d recommend the stable version.

I’ll provide updates once AIMP3 updates again.