CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate – Blue Switch Keyboard

This review is long overdue.  I’ve been enjoying this keyboard so much and it shows by how much gaming I’ve been doing as of late.

The keyboard is beautifully etched in strong plastic, with a reinforced steel plating to make it much sturdier and much more stable to abuse from constant typing and gaming.  The keyboard is a great buy for a entry type mechanical keyboard.


This keyboard is a full 10-key keyboard with everything you’d expect from a standard 102-key English keyboard.  it is 454(L)*155(W)*31(H)mm (17.9(L)*6.4(W)*1.2(H) inches for those who want Metric value)  It has a fully backlit keyboard, unlike the QuickFire Pro.  I opted for blue switch, blue backlight.  There’s brown switch, red backlight and red switch, white backlight as well, depending on your preferences. it has adjustable polling rate and Key Rollover, which I’ll get to soon.

The backlight is quite bright.  on its lowest, it has a nice dimming look and covers most of the bedding underneath. on its highest, it’s enough to light the bedroom in full darkness, and leaves a nice blue glow to the room. There is three options here: 1) On mode, Breathing, and Gaming modes. On Mode is common for if you want to set the brightness specifically. Breathing goes from brightness levels 1-5 and back, giving a nice calming breathing-pattern for your keyboard. Gaming mode highlights WSAD and arrow keys, for specific focus on those keys while playing in adequate darkness. The only keys that don’t change according to those settings is the Windows Lock key and the function lock key.

Adjustable rollover helps for games which ghost on 6 or more keys. For adjusting the rollover, you will need to press and hold Fn, N and either INS [6kro] or DEL [nkro]. 6Key rollover is compatible with BIOS hardware however, and N-key Rollover is only compatible for systems who can still support it. Take note of this since this can save frustration while doing system setup.

Adjustable polling rate makes for more sensitive controls, which is especially useful in cases such as multiplayer gaming and games which require fast to instant reflexes. I’ve set my polling rate to 1MS, due to playing Nullpomino during long periods of time. There is adjustable polling rates of 8ms, 4ms, 2ms and 1ms, all accessible by pressing and holding Fn, P and the appropriate button (Numlock for 8ms, [/] for 4ms, [*] for 2ms and [-] for 1ms on the numpad).

You will notice that when you adjust rollover and polling rate, the keyboard will shut off for a second as it loads the hardware required for that function. This is perfectly normal, and works best for NKRO over USB.

The keyboard comes with a keycap puller for cleaning and an 1.8 meter long braided cable for the keyboard, which has gold-plated ends on each end for better connection and prevention of corrosion on each end.

The blue switches were opted due to the fact that I write articles using this keyboard, and game with it at the same time.  I’ve seen the improvement between my gaming and my typing.  Nullpomino has had 3 sprint Personal Bests made underneath a minute, and my typing speed is around 50-65wpm as of today.  I can use this keyboard all day without any fatigue happening to my fingers, which was the original purpose of buying a mechanical Cherry MX Switch keyboard.  the clickiness of the keyboard and the actuation point make for quicker typing and responses while playing games which require such, and as such, this keyboard is decent to work with.

Conclusion.  fast, economical, powerful, and easy on the system.  This keyboard is a great recommendation for anyone looking to start into mechanical keyboards, and anyone who wants to use this for gaming or typing alike.  The blue switch is recommended for typing, while the red switch (no tactile bump/click) is recommended strictly for gaming.  If you want a better alternative between the two, I’d recommend the brown switch.  Of course, you can buy a CoolerMaster Key testing tool, which contains all types of keys to choose which suits best your needs.

The hardware in this keyboard is incredible, and is extremely low-powered for such a strong keyboard.  it may be heavy, but it adds to the sturdiness of the keyboard.  The keyboard weighs about 3KG and makes for good weight on the table, preventing it from slipping due to rubber pads on the stands and on the bottom of the keyboard.  The removable 1.8m cable can be a little bit of a worry, but it is strong, sturdy and useful for carrying it around.

Overall, I’d recommend this keyboard for anyone who is willing to take a standard 10-key keyboard and doesn’t need any macros.  This keyboard is comfortable on the hands, and makes for easy gaming convenience.