Re: Project Dream Team is crazy!

Thought I’d ramble on this for a bit as I should have been doing stuff on my blog instead of my Twitter.

So here we go: This is in regards to THIS post.

First off, let me remind all of you that since 2004, SEGA has had an announcement in their SEGA Gaming forum thread about this kind of thing.  Until SEGA announce that they are officially back into the business of designing hardware, they are not interested.

Second off:  What does a “New Console” achieve for SEGA?  As far as I know, and as I started to ramble on Twitter before I decided to bring it here, it doesn’t achieve anything.  SEGA dropped out of the hardware business after working with the Dreamcast for more than 3 or so years.  What new titles would be released on the Dreamcast?  What potential does a new piece of hardware have to capture interest of fans?

Honestly, I think Project Dream Team is trying too hard to force SEGA between a rock and a hard place.  What new content would SEGA create if they were forced on old Haswell hardware that has now become unsupported?  How will SEGA “Bring back the hardware greatness” that they’ve had over the years.  I don’t quite know, but it sounds like their logic is quite flawed behind fanaticism, and their thinking is more based towards their hearts instead of their heads.

I quite agree with the SEGABits post, and I’m quite concerned that whoever the “Project Dream Team” are, have either lost a screw or two in the process of living the “Dream” when they are busy segmenting fans between “WE NEED OUR FANBASE BACK” and “Not Sonic or Software Only Fans.”  I don’t know, that sounds a little extreme.  So you’re saying that fans from WAY back in 1992 and even further back in the 8-bit years shouldn’t exist?

Does it really matter that SEGA are back in the hardware business?  Why?

If SEGA DO return back to the hardware industry, what content do you expect from them?  What “Greatness” do you expect from them, when they are in the middle of turning a long-term strategy into a formalization of apologizing to the current fans who are disappointed in them?

And honestly, how is this “new console” even REMOTELY based on long-term goals for SEGA’s financial instability as is?  (No offense, SEGA, you were in a pretty tight rut this year)

What matters is NOW.  SEGA have yet to answer on promises that they’ve broken, trust that they’ve lost, and they’re working hard on it.  Once they’ve regained trust and have a proper business plan for something even remotely as risky as a successor to the DreamCast, then they’ll make a plan to do so.

Right now, I don’t think SEGA are in the position to rush out a console with little to no development staff available.  Right now, I don’t even think SEGA are even willing to make a long-term risk like what they did the previous two generations of their console and failed (The Saturn and the 32x.  The SEGA CD had SOME coverage.)

A console is an investment.  Do you think SEGA will sit on this investment for the next console generation (approx. 4-5 years)?

And last of all, what is the plan to market the DreamCast 2 if it ever exists?  Will this be the same type of marketing as the Wii U?

I’m done. /endrant