Hello and welcome to Nostalgia Ninja, a personal blog on the go.

While this IS a personal blog, I will be covering review on hardware and software depending on if I have time or if I have news to share.  There are a couple of plans to work on first, so expect a few additions here and there when necessary.

If you’re interested, My Twitter is usually where I hang out most, and there will be tweets about almost everything I do there. You can follow me there by using the embedded Tweets:

What’s to come:

Audio Recordings – I’ve been invested in podcasting for a short while already, and would love to get some podcasts up along with some audio recordings. Nothing is cast in stone yet, but hopefully I can do some liberties some time soon.

Retro Reviews – As I do have a few games that I’d like to review, these would go here, provided I have the time and the energy to do so.

News – Sometimes I do like to share a bit of news, but I’ve restricted it to my Twitter, so news doesn’t come often.

What is already here:

Software and Hardware Reviews – I do this for the love of my hardware and software, and I enjoy giving my thoughts on them all together.

Personal stuff – This is obviously due to it being a personal blog, but it’s always nice to have a look into the personal kinds of things that happen outside of what I generally speak about.

3DS Firmware and HomeBrew – As an avid fan of HomeBrew, I generally give my thoughts on these issues, what I’d like to see and what happens when these things get patched.

So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the blogs and the articles written for my blog.

Nostalgia Ninja