Import Review: PuyoPuyo!! Tetris (PS Vita)

Finally got my hands on this.

Let’s just say that this is the most fun I’ve had for quite a while.  After the failure of Tetris Ultimate I decided to get myself a more superior and fun Tetris game – Puyo Puyo Tetris.  It’s been a week since I’ve gotten it.  It’s still very fun.

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Review: the – ̗̀new ̖́- Nintendo 3DS.

New 3DS Box

New 3DS box, I bought a black one.

So last week I said I’d review the New 3DS, but it only came through on Monday due to the fact that the electricity utility delayed it further than expected.  I’ve taken time in between work and socializing to play on my New 3DS, so I think it’s time to give my thoughts on it.

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CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate – Blue Switch Keyboard

This review is long overdue.  I’ve been enjoying this keyboard so much and it shows by how much gaming I’ve been doing as of late.

The keyboard is beautifully etched in strong plastic, with a reinforced steel plating to make it much sturdier and much more stable to abuse from constant typing and gaming.  The keyboard is a great buy for a entry type mechanical keyboard.

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Review: Tetris Ultimate 3DS

Man, I should have done this long ago…

Not only have I been a month out of commission, but I’ve also had less and less interest in playing this game for extended periods of time.  Normally this wouldn’t happen with a Tetris game, but I think this has happened because of the fact that there’s nothing new to offer here.

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